Landing ‘Chopped:’ 3 PR Takeaways from an Award-Winning Campaign

It was a pre-COVID lifetime ago when our team gathered in July 2019 to watch Live! Casino & Hotel’s Executive Chef Ed Evans cook his heart out on The Food Network’s popular Chopped reality cooking show. This year, the follow-up gathering was virtual as we, along with Live!’s communications team, proudly accepted the Public Relation […]

Communicating Integrity

Professionals in our field often discuss “communicating with integrity.”  The term generally refers to honesty, transparency and a measure of humility.  Such characteristics are critically important in an era when cheating, fake news and hostile denigration of opposing viewpoints seem far more the norm than the exception. Equally important for professionals in our field is […]

Women’s History Month: Pride In PR

As a majority female firm in an industry that is dominated by women, we can’t miss the chance to recognize and celebrate today as International Women’s Day and March as Women’s History Month. We especially can’t forget that behind many great public relations campaigns are great communicators who are women. Although this is cause for […]

Building a Client Care Culture

Building a Client Care Culture

Thanksgiving has just passed, but many agency leaders are still in the process of giving thanks. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, such thanks go largely to clients that have entrusted their firms with meaningful and profitable work. It is surprising, therefore, when we speak to prospective clients who tell us their agency just stopped paying […]

Listen and Learn: A Lesson in Communication and Perspective

Listen and Learn: A Lesson in Communication and Perspective

Like the rest of the working world, the Stanton team is diving deep into 2018 and drifting away from post-holiday blues. Two important things we are keeping in mind this year are communication and perspective. These two key elements are needed for any PR professional to succeed. This industry is all about one-on-one relationships with […]

Four Other Must-Have Relationships in PR

I recently had the pleasure of contributing to a Bulldog webinar panel on the art of building relationships with the media. The speaker line-up was diverse and included a Wall Street Journal bureau chief, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and a few other flacks like me. Each speaker’s approach to building relationships varies. Some prefer […]

Tips for Becoming Your Own Editor and Cutting the Fluff

“So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.” Wise words from the revered writings of Dr. Seuss, and also relevant to journalists, bloggers, Twitterati and public relations professionals alike. As communicators, our job is to tell a story, paint a picture and sell an […]

Dispatch from Dubrovnik: An International View on PR and Independence

At a recent meeting in Dubrovnik of public relations agency heads from nearly a dozen different nations, I was struck by the common emphasis on the importance of independence.   At a time in our industry when it seems every firm is somehow owned or allied with one of the global behemoths, there remains a strong […]

Three Ps Pay Off in PR

Three P's for PR

In a previous posting I implored communicators to avoid being afraid of entering the public domain.  After a recent experience with a getting a story published, I thought I’d add three more Ps for PR: persistence, patience and professionalism. Nearly 18 months ago our firm won a piece of business from a small health care trade […]

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