Washington Redskins, Diversity in Marketing, TikTok Operations and more

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Happy Wednesday, Lunch Breakers! After a long holiday weekend, we want to help you get back into the swing of things with a rundown of the latest industry news, trends and headlines. Washington Redskins Team Name Controversy Although there has been public scrutiny for years regarding the […]

Simone Biles Makes History, A-Rod’s PR Turnaround, Puppies and More

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Happy Wednesday, Lunch Breakers! As summer winds down and fall gears up, we hope you’re getting to spend some time in the great outdoors savoring the sunshine. One thing that’s a constant throughout the year, no matter what season, are sports. Year-round, there seems to always be […]

Google and Marriott Face Privacy Scandals, Kevin Hart’s Anti-Apology And More


QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! We’re inching closer to the end of the year and the holiday season is in full swing.   The weather outside is frightful, but do you know what’s even more frightful? A PR crisis that could have been prevented or managed more effectively.   Zip up your […]

Animal (Crackers) Uncaged

After 116 years, Mondelez International, the creator of Barnum’s Animals Crackers, unveiled a new illustration on its iconic animal cracker box to show the animals roaming free in the savanna. The old design featured circus animals cooped up behind the bars in a boxcar. This redesign, featuring animals freed from captivity, was spurred by the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The activist group began petitioning in […]

Brand Reputation, Visualizing Content, Making Headlines and More

Brand Reputation, Visualizing Content, Making Headlines and More

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES  Happy Tuesday, Lunch breakers! As we head into May, we’re celebrating summer weather and hoping for a win for the Capitals in tonight’s game against the Penguins. In this week’s edition, we cover visualizing your content, making headlines, Twitter content calendars, and Amazon’s brand reputation strategy. Reputation […]

The Strategy of PR Monitoring: Why Monitor?

As a first step in The Strategy of PR Monitoring series, we need to ask ourselves why monitoring is essential to PR. Why is it critical to implement a monitoring strategy in your communication plans? There are three key benefits that should take priority. Monitoring your social media allows you to: react in real-time, engage with […]

Crisis Communication Begins with Core Principles

It seems the world is in turmoil and each day brings a new horror to the front page. Of interest to our profession is the way each new horror seems to prompt a discussion of communication process and protocol. Comments in PR LinkedIn groups have covered whether Malaysia Airlines is salvageable as a brand; whether […]

Cloudy With a Chance of Crisis

While much of the country deals with the vestiges of winter’s wrath, emergency and government personnel are doing their best.  Teams are on the job to minimize damage from what could be the worst storm to hit the East all season. From dispatching trucks and proactively salting roads to offering citizens tips on assembling the […]


Public relations professionals often speak about crisis communication, but when a real crisis strikes, we all have a tendency to act on impulse. Strategy is something that happens on the fly. Decisions are made as conditions dictate. Surprisingly, this works reasonably well most of the time, but clearly it is not a sound or prudent […]

Breaches of Security and Trust

Thoughts on Crisis Communication, Epsilon and GoDaddy.com Over the past few days, many of us have been flooded with email messages from various companies notifying us of a data theft that involved an unknown entity hacking into a computer system and stealing the names and e-mail addresses of customers. Prior to Monday, I didn’t know […]

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