Tips on Winning with the Instagram Algorithm

From Instagram Stories to posts and highlights, you can use the social media platform to help tell your clients’ stories and engage with target audiences. To successfully incorporate Instagram into your next communications plan, here are a few tips on the ever-changing algorithm, the optimal times to post and a few other tricks. Posting Time […]

Kim Kardashian’s Fast Food Beef, The Whopper Detour, Another IHOP Stunt and More

Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! After a relaxing Memorial Day weekend, we’re back in the office dreaming about our next summer vacation. In this week’s edition, we’re talking Kim Kardashian’s Jack-in-the-Box callout, the inside story of Burger King’s Whopper Detour and yet another IHOP rebranding stunt. Keeping Up With Fast Food Twitter Last week, Kim Kardashian […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Driving Website Traffic

A Beginner’s Guide to Driving Website Traffic

We all know content is king, but without an audience to read it, you might be wasting your time. Reaching your target audience and driving them to your pages is essential for a successful online marketing strategy, and there are some simple ways to achieve this. Try these four methods to increase the volume of […]

Putting Custom Twitter Timelines to Work for Your Brand


This week, Twitter unveiled a custom timeline feature that gives users the ability to build public feeds populated with content tailored to specific criteria, including users, keywords and hashtags. This new function opens some interesting doors for regular, everyday Twitter users as well as for online brand managers. While we still have a lot of […]

Injecting Sass without Losing Your Class on Social Media

Major brands are learning that fun and business are not mutually exclusive when it comes to social media. Companies are gaining recognition with consumers by actually using social platforms the same way consumers do: with humor and occasional sarcasm. Seeing corporations humanize their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages is a refreshing shift from the norm, […]

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