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The Strategy Room

Author: Emily Wenstrom

Lunch Break: What your snack says about you, the future of the PR industry, Facebook combats climate change misinformation, and more

“Cautiously Optimistic” Says Top PR Agency Executives  PR Week asked top agency executives how they felt about next year for the PR industry and many of them had some variation of “cautiously optimistic” in their response. While nobody is painting a picture of a dramatic comeback, Edelman global CEO and president Richard Edelman says “I see stability, and growth in […]

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What it Means to Be Elite

“Elite” is a word that is somewhat fraught in today’s environment and certainly could be interpreted as negative. Our view is simply this—if a panel of judges considers our work as representative of the best in our industry, then we are justifiably proud that they might label us elite.   Stanton Communications was named this month one of the Agency Elite […]

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Evergreen Practices for Strong PR in Troubled Times

Everyone and their sister is already writing about COVID for their PR blogs—and really, if you wait for a crisis to occur before you take actions to strengthen your team’s approach, you’re already well behind. Instead, let’s talk about what you should do well before a crisis hits so that your media outreach and communications […]

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New Dove Campaign, Laughs from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, And More

New Dove Campaign, Laughs from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, And More It’s an undeniable fact that the news is continuing to be dominated by coronavirus coverage. Our team at Stanton continues to share a sampling of stories that we’ve been discussing, virtually of course, during these challenging times. Staying Active During Quarantine Have you moved today? As more […]

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A Case Study in Authenticity at the National Cowboy Museum during the Strange Times of Social Distancing

In the fast-paced world of content marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest emerging tools, networks, tactics, hashtags…all in the name of keeping those analytics in tip top shape. Don’t sound overly promotional, have some fun with it, make sure you maintain the voice—and by the way, did next week’s rotation of […]

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Ready for the Future of Public Relations Strategy? Shift Your Mindset

There is a regular rotation of public relations trends posts, and they are always eager to tell you what newest tactics you should jump to next—or ignore at your own peril as you fall farther and farther behind the curve. They’re not wrong, exactly. The trends cited so far for 2019—a storytelling approach, implementing video, […]

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The Evolution of the Newspaper Industry & What it Means for PR

Is the newspaper dead? It’s certainly been declared so over and over—perhaps it’s karma for the times reporting has jumped the gun on a few deaths themselves. To the contrary, the news media may be in upheaval as it comes to terms with the digital age, but this may be signs of a thriving future […]

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How to Reach Reporters on Twitter

It’s a busy world out there, especially for reporters. With reporters’ inboxes flooded with pitches on an ongoing basis, sometimes that alone just doesn’t get their attention. But you’ve got a story you want to communicate to your target audience, and know just the reporter it was meant for. So how can you engage with […]

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4 Steps to a Long-Term Influencer Relationship

When working with influencers, reaching out with the mindset of fostering a long-term engagement is to everyone’s advantage. Done right, an influencer partnership holds potential to become a lasting and fruitful relationship where both parties benefit. So, it’s worth the extra effort with influencers to make a personal connection and not just sell your brand. […]

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The Tradeoff of Google Analytics Alternatives

A week ago, Fast Company published an article titled “It’s Time to Ditch Google Analytics.” It was enough to deliver the fast click-through the headline was fishing for and all but stop my data-loving heart. But reporter Katharine Schwab does have a point. In a world that is post-GDPR, post-Facebook scandal world, and offers a […]

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