The Value of Research, Social Listening and Monitoring in the Development of a Social Media Campaign  

Social media has a permanent and prominent presence in modern society. It has rapidly become a crucial tool for communication professionals. Publishing content and engaging directly with audiences on social platforms helps increase brand awareness and target audience understanding.  The three most important elements when developing a social media plan are research, social listening and […]

Honoring Great Women of PR & Communications for Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is a time to uplift, empower, and acknowledge the intersectionality of all women worldwide for their contributions to our society. Our own field of public relations has many to celebrate!   From Malala Yousafzai to Fatou B. Barry, women have played an integral role in inspiring the present and future of PR and […]

3 Lessons for Brands Inspired by Iris Apfel

Last week, fashion icon Iris Apfel kicked off her second century with a birthday party littered with celebrities and signature style. The self-declared “world’s oldest teenager,” best known for her striking round glasses, bright lipsticks and bold patterns, has become renowned by the fashion industry’s biggest players, from Bill Cunningham to Anna Wintour, and by […]

Trends in Media Pitching, The Future of Content Marketing, and More

  QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Another week, another round of our favorite communications news highlights! Now let’s get to the last week of PR news. In this week’s edition, we’re assessing trends in media pitching and reporter responses from a new report; an uptik in BtoB marketing on TikTok; and a […]

Where to Start on Clubhouse for PR and Communications Pros

Clubhouse is the latest hot new c. It’s getting a lot of buzz, and celebrities including Elon Musk, Drake and even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg are jumping on board. Digital platforming geeks everywhere are clamoring for their invite while the rest of us wait for it to break out of beta and open to anyone […]

Lunch Break: What your snack says about you, the future of the PR industry, Facebook combats climate change misinformation, and more

“Cautiously Optimistic” Says Top PR Agency Executives  PR Week asked top agency executives how they felt about next year for the PR industry and many of them had some variation of “cautiously optimistic” in their response. While nobody is painting a picture of a dramatic comeback, Edelman global CEO and president Richard Edelman says “I see stability, and growth in […]

What it Means to Be Elite

“Elite” is a word that is somewhat fraught in today’s environment and certainly could be interpreted as negative. Our view is simply this—if a panel of judges considers our work as representative of the best in our industry, then we are justifiably proud that they might label us elite.   Stanton Communications was named this month one of the Agency Elite […]

Evergreen Practices for Strong PR in Troubled Times

Everyone and their sister is already writing about COVID for their PR blogs—and really, if you wait for a crisis to occur before you take actions to strengthen your team’s approach, you’re already well behind. Instead, let’s talk about what you should do well before a crisis hits so that your media outreach and communications […]

New Dove Campaign, Laughs from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, And More

New Dove Campaign, Laughs from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, And More It’s an undeniable fact that the news is continuing to be dominated by coronavirus coverage. Our team at Stanton continues to share a sampling of stories that we’ve been discussing, virtually of course, during these challenging times. Staying Active During Quarantine Have you moved today? As more […]

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