Landing ‘Chopped:’ 3 PR Takeaways from an Award-Winning Campaign

It was a pre-COVID lifetime ago when our team gathered in July 2019 to watch Live! Casino & Hotel’s Executive Chef Ed Evans cook his heart out on The Food Network’s popular Chopped reality cooking show. This year, the follow-up gathering was virtual as we, along with Live!’s communications team, proudly accepted the Public Relation […]

Building a Client Care Culture

Building a Client Care Culture

Thanksgiving has just passed, but many agency leaders are still in the process of giving thanks. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, such thanks go largely to clients that have entrusted their firms with meaningful and profitable work. It is surprising, therefore, when we speak to prospective clients who tell us their agency just stopped paying […]

5 Books to Give Your Public Relations Friend this Holiday Season

What's On Your PR Wish List?

The communications industry is evolving rapidly right now, and is continually becoming more multifaceted, integrated and complex. Public relations professionals are always hungry to find new ways to support our clients, develop our strategic thinking, be more creative and keep up with the latest tech trends. We’re really just a bunch of geeks. But it […]

Why News Media Still Matter

Journalism still matters. But the printed page? Not necessarily.

Four years ago this month, we published a blog post titled, “Why Newspapers Still Matter.” It outlined our thinking about print journalism providing an “experience” that is somehow richer than what one can find online. How a newspaper provides a unique snapshot of history. How it gets your hands dirty. How it makes critically important […]

A Bulletin from Berlin

March 10, 2009 Berlin Wall

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, a barrier that separated people, families and, in fact, a nation ceased to exist. Recently, in the area that was formerly no man’s land, a meeting occurred in a luxury hotel standing squarely inside what before 1989 was the kill zone for anyone trying to flee from East […]

The Show Within the Show at CES

The Show Within the Show

Every year, hundreds of thousands of industry affiliates and innovators flock to Las Vegas to experience the spectacle that is the largest showcase of technology in the world — CES®. For the vast majority of attendees and techies monitoring press coverage at home, the show is all about the next big thing set to revolutionize […]

#StantonatCES 2016 – Day 1 Kicks Off

Stanton Communications is at CES 2016

The CES show floor officially opened today as hundreds of thousands of attendees gathered to experience the latest innovations in the technology industry. With 3.2 million square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center entirely booked, we have a lot of ground to cover this week. The exhibition space is broken down into three distinct […]

Trends to Watch at CES 2016

Stanton at CES. January 6-9 2016

Over the past few years, Stanton Communications has supported a number of clients at the Consumer Electronics Show® in Las Vegas, and this year is no different. Our professionals will be attending the event to help several organizations get out their message to the media and attendees of the show. What is different this year, […]

Virtual Reality, Elections and Engagement: Looking ahead to 2016

Crystal Ball. Predictions for 2016

The late, great David Carr of the New York Times was gazing into a crystal ball in 2014 when he wrote about the return of the email newsletter. The newsletter hit the big time in 2015 thanks to high profile examples like Kobe Bryant’s retirement statement in The Players’ Tribune and Jennifer Lawrence discussing the […]

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