Zoom Fatigue, COVID-19 Superheroes, Quarantine Wassup, and More

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. Today is National Superhero Day, so we’re giving a tremendous shout-out to the healthcare professionals and essential workers at the frontlines of this global pandemic. You truly are the real superheroes of 2020. In this week’s edition, we’re overcoming Zoom Fatigue, Saying Wassup […]

Royal Drama, TikTok Media Backlash, And More

Happy Tuesday! It’s already been a heavy media week, with impeachment hearings and the royal family drama, and we’re already almost halfway through January.   In this week’s news roundup we’re taking a look at media coverage of the Royals, the value of PR in the restaurant industry, and the rise of the nurse-influencer. Grab your salad—it’s still resolution season—and read through for some of […]

Pride Month, Instagram Ads, Women’s World Cup and More

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Happy Wednesday and Global Running Day, Lunch Breakers!   Today we’re talking about the highly anticipated Women’s World Cup, the beginning of Pride Month, new ways to advertise on Instagram and the continued rise of the social media analytics market.   No Price for Pride Month This week marks the beginning […]

Meet Melissa: Why Hospitality is Key to Hosting an Influencer

Growing up in an off-the-boat Sicilian household was my first ever lesson in the importance of hospitality and how to authentically execute it. Nothing would prepare me for my future career more than when family would visit America from the old country. I would watch as my parents and grandparents meticulously plan food menus, activities […]

Food & Lifestyle Influencers to Follow in D.C. and Baltimore

Food and Lifestyle Influencers to Follow in D.C. and Baltimore

We’ve talked before about the power of influencer and micro-influencer marketing, and we highlighted best practices for working with them. Now it’s time to choose your influencer. Choosing the right influencer or micro-influencer takes research, which can be time consuming, and in the PR business we understand that time is money. That’s why we created […]

Choosing the Right Micro-Influencer for Your Brand

Influencer marketing campaigns are only as good as the influencers themselves. That’s why finding and connecting with people who are the right fit for your brand is key. But it’s important to keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better. Marketers are now seeking micro-influencers who procure authentic interactions, rather than macro-influencers who have a […]

The Power of Micro-Influencer Marketing

Micro-Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is all the rage. Yes, all brands wish Kim Kardashian West, The Rock or Beyonce could be seen using their products, but the reality is that companies of all sizes are teaming up with micro-influencers with dedicated followings for small-scale collaborations. Is micro-influencer marketing right for your brand? What is a micro-influencer? Unlike […]

Building a Crisis Communications Strategy, DIY News, Petfluencers and More

Building a Crisis Communications Strategy, DIY News, Petfluencers and More

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES  Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. In this week’s edition, we cover creating your own news stories, influencer strategy, petfluencers and building a crisis communications strategy. Crisis Communications Every company needs to be prepared for a communications crisis. Preparation for a crisis should happen before the crisis hits, otherwise, […]

Influencer Drama, Instagram for B2B and More

Lunch Break February 21

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites Happy Tuesday! This week’s Lunch Break is filled with advice for engaging influencers, how Facebook’s “Like” changed the rules of social engagement beyond the digital world, a podcast recommendation and more. Want to Engage an Influencer? Look Before You Leap Last week, Disney Company’s Maker Studios parted […]

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